Twitter effort to musicians selling completed music videos, C-AiBLE educational, 420 pm Videos

Third week of daily working musicians list (and others including USPD/AiBLE/C-AiBLE, 420 pm Videos, Cat’s Away). 07/11/17 effort:

  1. C-AiBLE is a short format video producer. Art was made covering your music. Please tell me how to successfully sell to you. Lance
  2. If you’ll pay my expenses, I’ll B happy 2 meet you. C-AiBLE (short fmt videos) Lance Foss, CEO
  3. I cannot figure if you’ve turned-off TW notifications, but I pray you haven’t. C-AiBLE Lance Foss, CEO
  4. C-AiBLE art vids tried Twitter 2 msg @xxxxxxxx but notifications off. Can U help me? Lance Foss, CEO

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