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USPD feedback 2016 –     :

US Public Domain is an engaging website where image files are available [in the digital artifacts galleries] for download and use, free of charge. One great thing that I like about this resource is that these images are copyright free and ready to be used, modified, manipulated and distributed in any way one likes; anywhere in the world.

Many times I found a nice image or a great video and I wanted to use it on my website and store, but had to think about copyright rules and legislation.

Besides, as some public domains let their members use the images from their websites for personal use only, at US Public Domain one can use the images and other resources [in the digital artifacts galleries as marked] for any commercial use and business venture.

In my advertising blog I often have to use images as part of the narration of the client story or ad. In that, the US Public Domain has been great help and support.  Simply fantastic!

Anen Spaxl  www.elitebusinessads.com  November 17, 2016


AiBLE materials and program feedback 2015 –     :

adiebrown – Outstanding Experience!

ahmedmsaad – outstanding experience thanks for your words sir

anenspaxl Thank you! Loved to work with you and promote your work.

bdaz577 – Easy to work with. Good music provided!!

colorfusion – Old buyer. We always feel great to work with him. Waiting for more order.

cooladvertising – Loved this experience and the customer too : )

corinaladue – Thank you Lance! It was my pleasure.

danceprince – It’s always a pleasure working with this client!

danceprince – Understanding and someone with a vision!

dancequeen4life – Had good clear instructions and great to work with!

danisgig – Thank you so much Lance! Is always a pleasure to work with you 🙂 and thank you for the tip!

dasdesigner – Great experience! I Always appreciate working with you!

dclover1 – You are so kind fossworking! My pleasure! It was a great time working on this project with you! Thanks so much for your repeat business! Dclover1

dclover1 – Thank you thank you! I am glad you are happy! It’s great having clients like you to work with!!! Have a great Labor Day Weekend! Dclover1

dil2014 – Thank You very much. It was a pleasure to work with you. Looking forward for the next project.

emitis – Thank you so much! I’m so glad you like all pictures! Thank you again

jackmake – It is always a pleasure working with you. Thank you so much for the tip, it was very much appreciated. Looking forward to our next project together. Thank you!

jackmake – I had great experience with this buyer, such an understanding person and pleasure to work with. Thank you for the tip too, it was very much appreciated.

jackyheshi – Thanks! Great person to work with 🙂

kater_tot – Thanks for the tip! And thanks for your terrific communication and ideas!

knlalla – Always an absolutely wonderful experience working with you! Thanks, KL

laurenmeikle – Thank you so much Lance! It’s always a pleasure working with you : )

m_sa3eeed – Thanks 🙂 I hope to work together again soon.

mrbliv – Thanks Lance!

nessarock215 – Thank you for your kind words… You’re great to work with and very helpful!

peachymaiden – Nice as ever~! Pleasant experience.

pigeonic – Gives clear cut information to perform the tasks. Even though I wasn’t able to complete a few, I promised to do other work for him in the future!

portraitszone – Wonderful, thanks for your order 🙂

ravi211195 – One of the awesome buyers I had….Very glad that you loved the work…Cheers : )

sandrabullet – Awesome feedback and communication, helped me improve a lot. I had a lot of fun doing this!

stevenjames195 – Communicative buyer with plenty of ideas

thaniabu – Another great order to work on from Lance!

thetaoshard – Thank you, Lance.

varun_karkhanis – Great buyer thank you very much for the tip!

vrisha – Awesome Experience with Lance… it is my pleasure to work with you. Thanks a lot. i am always available for you anytime you can use my service.

zeblee2 – Outstanding experience working with you and Thanks, You order gave me [earned me an award]. Look forward to working with you in the future : )