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2017 Water Texas Film Entry

A US Public Domain Film: Prayer, Water & Public Work 2017 LWF

US Public Domain, AiBLE, C-AiBLE, 420 pm Videos™, Cat’s Away Consulting – “work thirsty in Texas since March, 2012”

Video materials and music in Public Domain, royalty-free or owned with no listing obligations or courtesy extended [for cause] – Lance Foss, CEO US Public Domain, AiBLE, C-AiBLE 2017

2017 Water Texas Film Entry
Texas Water Foundation
Water Texas Films


Lance Foss, CEO USPD status

What I am looking to do in addition to a hundred other things is to get $ assignments creating/collecting digital artifacts for cities, regions, locations to be put in US Public Domain via website relative to US Public Domain’s purpose.

US Public Domain vigorously creates, donates and offers to the public digital artifacts (pics, video, documents, etc…). Artifacts can be used for any and every purpose in-perpetuity.