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Video: Wheels of Life – Sovereignty – Funding Ended 1:14 seek $500K to finish

Funding Ended 1:14 – $500K to finish naming and video – contact Lance Foss,

“Six Years at Zero”

(AiBLE-C) Wheels of Life – Sovereignty – 29% of World Flags named
Music “Wheels of Life” by Gino Vannelli 1978; remastered re-released re-copyright 2002

Video 2017 by Lance Foss,, 832-542-0778

Wheels of Life – Sovereignty and World Flags

Lauren Meikle’s 100th Gig

Happy 100th!! And this is going to be a great one like the others!

This is “Somebody that I Used to Know.” (we can’t improve on Heathens without doing a film production – and then! – until then!). OK. Somebody that I used to know. It is about a boyfriend obviously at least being physically in love with his girlfriend. Physically in love and frustrated at-the-same time so for mutual reasons they break-up. The boyfriend wants to at least be close friends (like they were intimates at one time), but the girlfriend just treats him like “somebody he used to know.” The girlfriend at 2:17 (Kimbra) tells us via lyrics some of why she feels the way she does.

So…. I’d like to do this.

For the song prior to 2:17 I’d just mostly like to have your legs, high heels, waist and and a little bit a few times your upper body in the shot (properly framed like you always do – THANK YOU). When you do the dancing you can see some of your arms as you naturally dance, none of your face/head/shoulders. Mostly pretty legs, heels, lower body dancing.

At and after 2:17 don’t film any of your legs and lower waist in the dancing. Actually if you can “dance/act” while seated in a chair and/or chairs to the music through the end of the song, this is my vision. But standing dancing, sitting dancing or if you choose both, don’t get your pretty legs, shoes waist in the shot. Just upper body, arms, face, hair.

Do about a 17 second overlap, starting at 2:00 for the second part – I’ll do a fade in from Section 1 to Section 2.

Any questions, let me know. Enjoy. Happy 100th Lauren! God writes the scripts and delivers! Lance

Here is the result of the last Lauren Meikle and Lance Foss collaboration:


Plans for week ending 01-14-2017 (21 day Plan)

  1. Letterhead for USPD and AiBLE C-AiBLE.
  2. Standard letter for state governors and city mayors selling USPD and AiBLE C-AiBLE.
  3. Select music for acting video template and write script (for prototype and roll-out).
  4. Populate Mixed Pics/Vids and Mixed Artifacts with what is in inventory at present.
  5. Begin mailing two product, two letter one-envelope sales campaign.
  6. Populate AiBLE Materials with place-holding pages/materials
  7. Untangle Daily Short Studies  (AiBLE C-AiBLE $1 general, $3 topical, $5 customer AiBLE review) and Quick Visual Writing and Art prompt-of-the-day (USPD $1 general, $3 topical, $5 customer work-product review).
  8. USPD blog serves in-place of the Monthly [email] Newsletter “Intellectual Drive.”  In the near future, the blog will be primary source material until additional writers, researchers and talent comes on-board.

Purchased new headphones for audio work

USPD puchased new JVC HA-AR185J headphones for audio work.  Very blessed and happy about this.  Two prior pairs broke.

Thank you China once again.  Something needs to be said for a “friend” that manufactures functional, wanted and often cutting-edge products when needed that USPD can $ afford to buy.

Where are the thousands and millions of “friends,” economic or otherwise, in the USA?


Weekend concentration on performances and video post-production

There were six dances delivered today 12/10/2016.  Once performance rescheduled.  ALL BRILLIANT performances!

Eighteen minutes of incredible raw drone video purchased at a deep discount 12/09/2016.  This rich material spawns five videos out of plan- and post-production.  Rendering now.

Fifteen + videos spawned from Emitis professional modeling agency shoots.  Out of plan- and post-production.  In-line to render.

Thirty (30) + day full-time backlog remains of Lance Foss’es own AiBLE Portfolio post-production, render, post, promote.  Five days available Christmas break!  Three days available Christmas break to spawn AiBLE materials based past performances.

AiBLE Shop Categories; email provided for custom AiBLE materials, prompts and programs

1.  Buy AiBLE, Art iNSPIRED By Literature and Excellence, prompts, programs and materials.

 Inspired by Music

 Inspired by Literature

 Inspired by Past Performance(s)

 Inspired by Love, Genius

 Inspired by Intellect, Genius

 Inspired by Money

Inspired by Hardship

Inspired by Disability

Inspired by Injustice, Mismanagement

Inspired by God, Joy

Inspired by Country

Inspired by Visual Expression

 Developmental

 Just-for-fun

If you don’t see what inspires you here or if you know you need custom work done, email

AiBLE Materials in development 0001 – worksheets for “Immigration”

Worksheets are in development for the poem “Immigration” by “Banjo” Paterson (Andrew Barton “Banjo” Paterson 17 February 1864 – 5 February 1941.  Poem undated but probably circa 1900).
[Mr. Jordan was sent to England by the Queensland Government in 1858, 1859, and 1860 to lecture on the advantages of immigration, and told the most extraordinary tales about the place.]

(Air: “Four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie.”)

Now Jordan’s land of promise is the burden of my song.
Perhaps you’ve heard him lecture, and blow about it strong;
To hear him talk you’d think it was a heaven upon earth,
But listen and I’ll tell you now the plain unvarnished truth.

Here mutton, beef, and damper are all you’ll get to eat,
From Monday morn till Sunday night, all through the blessed week.
And should the flour bag run short, then mutton, beef, and tea
Will be your lot, and whether or not, ’twill have to do, you’ll see.

Here snakes and all vile reptiles crawl around you as you walk,
But these you never hear about in Mr. Jordan’s talk;
Mosquitoes, too, and sandflies, they will tease you all the night,
And until you get quite colonised you’ll be a pretty sight.

Here are boundless plains where it seldom rains, and you’ll maybe die of thirst;
But should you so dispose your bones, you’ll scarcely be the first,
For there’s many a strong and stalwart man come out to make his pile,
Who never leaves the fatal shore of this thrice accursed isle.

To sum it up in few short words, the place is only fit
For those who were sent out here, for from this they cannot flit.
But any other men who come a living here to try,
Will vegetate a little while and then lie down and die.