Who we are:

US Public Domain, a mature for-profit organization, lives within the education niche because those in and around USPD are hungry lifelong learners that consume valuable resources to live, get and give.  USPD is wisely incentivised and in-a-mission to successfully team-up for healthier and more-fully-awake thought-rich, productive, fully-employed, fully-engaged, smart, examined, reliable, art-rich and sustainable sovereign societies that fully include vs. deftly takes then marginalizes persons in their societies.  USPD and AiBLE are God’s vehicles.  “To whom much is given, much will be required” (Luke 12:48).

Lance W. Foss, USPD CEO

USPublicDomain.org established October, 2016


What we do:

US Public Domain vigorously creates, acquires and offers digital artifacts (pictures, videos, documents, etc…)  to the public through this website USPublicDomain.org . From these artifacts 1) derivative work(s) are expected and 2) new work and art of all kinds is encouraged still within privacy, publicity, trademark guidelines and laws; press freedoms, protected political speech, editorial commentary and fair use of otherwise use-restricted materials excepted.  (Mission Statement addendum by USPD CEO – legal review Nov. 3, 2016)

US Public Domain has galleries of digital artifacts created and acquired for the the public domain, and are found by going to the USPD Galleries found in the menu.  There you download for free.

AiBLE, Art inspired By Literature and Excellence has materials and kits available for sale to educate, challenge, inspire, encourage, engage and team-lead learners at every stage-of-life; life-long learning!


What you can do:

On this website, there are opportunities to:

• read blog entries like you will see nowhere else in the world  https://uspublicdomain.org/wp/blog

• buy a white paper about public domain materials  https://uspublicdomain.org/wp/about

• look over testimonials  https://uspublicdomain.org/wp/testimonials

• make arrangements to dedicate a digital artifacts gallery  https://uspublicdomain.org/wp/product-category/gallery-dedication-customized-gallery-or-expansion

• make arrangements to create and release a custom public domain digital artifacts gallery  https://uspublicdomain.org/wp/product-category/gallery-dedication-customized-gallery-or-expansion

• find and order AiBLE materials useful to you (under construction)

• make an order for custom AiBLE materials (under construction)

• download digital artifacts in the public domain from the USPD Galleries found in the menu for free  https://uspublicdomain.org/wp/uspd-gallery-domains

• etc…

Subscription services:

•  [Quick visual] Writing and Art prompt-of-the-day  – USPD


Some examples: https://uspublicdomain.org/wp/blog/category/quick-visual-writing-and-art-prompt-of-the-day-uspd

•  Daily short studies for-your-consideration – AiBLE


Some examples: https://uspublicdomain.org/wp/blog/category/daily-short-studies-for-your-consideration-aibe