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Link 420 pm Videos™ – Daily videos for the Calendar Year 2017 (Password Needed)

These music and the video presentations I choose and make for others, have unlimited headspace if you know what I mean.  No drugs or alcohol necessarily necessary.  Stuff here to get into and think about on or off Route 420.  Bearing down on the daily video with headphones is suggested.  Patience.

Desktop or Mobile: https://uspublicdomain.org/wp/420-pm-videos-daily-videos-for-the-calendar-year-2017

Mobile: https://uspublicdomain.org/wp/420-pm-videos-mobile-daily-videos-for-the-calendar-year-2017


420 pm Videos™ Website subscription program for calendar year 2017…. $42.00

I don’t see anybody 420 or otherwise in-community sustainably, reliably taking anybody anywhere particularly worthwhile.  I will; me with a-generic-you-will.  Quick buck, a *uck, or engaged?  Your 420 – which is it?

PayPal $42.00 to fossworking@gmail.com and I will send you an access code for the laptop/PC/Mac based 420 pm Videos application which allows you to play a carefully selected 420 video that’s different from one day to the next.

Play the video over and over as you want.  Usually the daily video is always musically and visually so wide-and-deep enjoyable that 4:20 you’ll want to.  Enjoy!

Money back guarantee between the fifth and tenth day if you do not appreciate 420 pm Videos at this time – no questions.

Pay Pal button direct (wait 24 hours for an email with your password):

P.S. 420 pm Videos™ for Android, iOS and other mobile platforms [mobile devices] subscription program for calendar year 2017…. $4.20  Use the Pay Pal button above, wait 24 hours for an email with your password, then click here: https://uspublicdomain.org/wp/420-pm-videos-mobile-daily-videos-for-the-calendar-year-2017

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Motion Video talent – Faelcon

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